Frequently Asked Questions

Our Food

How do I reheat the meals?

All of our meals are designed to be reheated on the stovetop or in the oven, generally at 350F until warm which is usually about 10 minutes. Please do not use the reusable containers in the microwave as it will deminish their lifespan.

What do I do with the week’s containers and cooler?

Give the containers a nice handwash and store them in the cooler bag, we will pick them up when we drop off your next weeks order.

How long does the food last?

Generally speaking our dishes need to be eaten by Friday. However, you can freeze some of the meals so that you can eat them whenever you need them. Casseroles and pastas stand up best to being frozen.

I have food allergies and/or aversions and/or dietary restrictions. Will you customize my meals?

Please let us know when ordering what your allergies and aversions are and we will make sure your meals are prepared accordingly. We avoid most of the top allergens with the exception of coconut (tree nut) and soy. However, cross contamination is possible so we cannot cater to very serious allergies at this time.

I’m not vegan, will I enjoy your food?

Yes! Many of our customer are not vegetarian and love that our plans provide them with great quality meals for the week.

What kind of food philosphy do you follow when creating meals?

Our meals are all created on the research findings of several well known doctors and researchers such as Dr Essylstyn (Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease), Dr Greger (, How Not to Die), Dr McDougal (The Starch Solution), Dr Campbell (The China Study, Whole, Forks Over Knives), Dr Davis (Proteinaholic) and many more. We can provide you with a list of books, documentaries and websites that show that a low fat plant-based diet is optimal for health and our planet.


Can I order once or do I have to commit to a long term plan?

We don’t require any commitments, you can order once, every 2 weeks or whatever suits you! We do have a subscribe option for those who want their order every week but again, no commitment, you can cancel anytime. Just send us an email.

What is the Subscribe option?

If you enjoy our meals and continue to order on a weekly basis, we offer subscription options for our meal plans and select products. Once you’ve subscribed, you never have to worry about getting your order in on time and you will be billed automatically once a week. In addition, you can always pause, cancel or edit your subscription(s).

When is the ordering deadline?

You must have your order in for Friday at noon. If you wish, you can subscribe to our mailing list that sends out the next week’s menu on Monday so that you can order ahead of time.

Is the only option to pay via credit card online?

No. You can pay us via email money transfer. Just have your payment in before the deadline. We can also accept cash, but it has to be paid prior to delivery.

When is your new menu posted?

Every Monday before 2pm we send out an email with our menu and it’s also posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

How does the 3 day a week plan work, I only see a 5 day menu?

The 3 day plans receive the first 3 menu items, if you would like to swap for one of the other choices, please email us.

Can I cancel my order?

Orders must be cancelled at the latest Friday at midnight for a full refund. If you cancel before 12 on Saturday, a 50% refund will be given. No refunds are given for a Sunday Cancellation.


Where and when do you deliver?

We deliver on Sunday afternoons/evenings and currently service the following areas in the GVA: Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster. For Surrey, North Vancouver, Port Moody, Coquitlam, Richmond and beyond we offer a pickup service in New Westminster.

In Ottawa, we service the city limits as well as Gatineau, if you live outside them we have a pickup in Ottawa South.

Will you deliver to my office?

Yes! As long as it’s within our delivery area.

What should I expect upon delivery?

When you sign up, please include any special instructions for drop-off, including buzzer number, parking instructions and where to leave the cooler if you are not home.

We will be dropping of your order in a cooler bag, please put your order in your fridge as soon as is possible. All dishes are labelled and organized so that you know which items go together.